Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mother's Love: Precisely Picturesque

This Post is different than usual one's!
Here's wishing all the Mother's in the World
A Very Happy Mother's Day!
To the Woman who gave us Birth.
To the one who Nurtured us.
To the one who is our un-biological Mom.
To the one who helped us conquer our greatest Fears.
The one who stayed up all Night when we fell ill.
To the one who is a Sister, Friend, Guide.
To The SuperWoman who does all the work on time.
To the Woman who went hungry yet fed her babies even when there wasn't enough food for all.
To the Woman Who cries with us when we Cry.
To that particular Woman.
The one We call,
 Our Mom.
I love you Maa, Mom & Mommy.
Thank You for Everything.
Without You Am Nothing.

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