Tuesday, 2 October 2012

On Tracks: Precisely Picturesque!

So I've been commuting by the Western Railway in my hometown since the past 4 years and while some people find it to be the most irritating thing to do I have to admit that I find it quite amusing.
One really needs to travel by the Trains in Bombay to experience it as words won't ever do justice to it!
It's amusing because every single morning I witness a sea of people go in and out of those trains. It's amazing how people just never stop! Never! Which can sometimes be absolutely disgusting. Everyone's so busy all the time! 

So one morning I decided to board an earlier train, just to notice things a little differently. I wanted to notice how my journey could be any different, how the things I've been seeing since the past 4 years get any different. Sure they were different. This time around I wasn't struggling to make sure I don't suffocate and die, this time I was standing peacefully at the door because it still wasn't time for the office goers to get in, it was still early. Well, so here's how that morning journey went for me. 

On Tracks!
Happy Viewing!