Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Precisely Picturesque: Travel Diaries: Bangkok. Faces.

The City of Smiles, truly. But the city of sins too.

Lost my heart to the endless stories and people I came across at one glance.
From warm smile to their sing-song voices pleading us not to bargain more and their hilarious way of saying "Fuck You" when pissed off.
But mostly greeting us with "Sawadeeka".
Foot massage that made me want to bring "On" to Mumbai and visit her everyday to Mouth watering Banana Nutella Crepes!!
Burmese people singing perfect Hindi Filmy old numbers and the rest being extremely creepy and asking me if I was married and being extremely sexist and idiotic...
Found a Cab driver who was a Thai replica of what one may call "Raja Hindustani"!!
The sight of men seeking lust, hovering around young girls is cringeworthy but an experience nonetheless.
Cute kids and furry pooches and extremely fashionable people!
Every single person is bursting with so much character in so many ways, from the way they smile to the way their eyes shine each time they try to convince us to buy something at a higher price (Colaba Causeway Bargaining comes in handy here!!) and how heart-breaking it is to turn their offer down and watch their sad faces.
A city bursting with creativity and color.
Graffitis, clothes, food, music, and traditions; a perfect blend.
Here's a tiny sneak-peek to some of the faces that caught my attention and are now etched in my memory.
To the Bangkok I know.
Precisely Picturesquely.
Travel Diaries.

This beautiful dog has a name I couldn't register.
He is a stray taken in shelter by one of the girls working at this store.
He walks in often just to pick up something to eat!

Every cut with equal amount of force and with precision.
His hands were shriveled but strong.
A face that has more stories than can be told.

Thought I missed this shot but found later in my photo archives!
A delightful photo, this one.
The Tuk-tuk guy's customers were my sisters!

A passing glance over the town and the first person to give me the warmest smile I've ever seen.
Thanks to this lovely woman It was a good start X