Saturday, 2 February 2013

Proud Moment :')

So this post isn't to boast about my achievement but rather it is to tell you a little bit about my life.
Today I received a mail which went like this:

And it goes without saying that yes I was jumpy and excited and teary eyed on receiving this. Why? Now that is exactly why I'm writing this post here today :)

So why this exhibition means so much to me besides the fact that it is the most awesomest festival ever is the fact that I've quite literally visited Kala Ghoda Arts Festival almost every year or at least ever since the time I was old enough to understand the festival and enjoy the sessions and the Art displayed there!
So I went there with my Mommy and here's a few pictures of her there at the fest from a few years back!

It's her who gave this BLOG the name it has. It's she who has given most of my albums the name they have. She's my go-to person for all the photographs I need reviewed before they go up on my FB Page. While, the other sister of mine is the make-up artist and stylist  for all my photo-shoots, Mommy is the one I sit and discuss all my ideas with.
So all I am saying is that I am glad I have her. And this one's for you!
Thank You.
Also, Thank You Viewers for being such a brilliant audience and helping me through all my doubts and worries I have.
I would love to have you people visit my and my photographs at the exhibition.
Happy Viewing!