Friday, 22 August 2014

Published TWICE in DNA in this very month!

This Sure is making me starry eyed!

The previous publication was about this awesome collaboration with a freelance writer about crazy funny stand-up comedians:

Worked as a Freelance Photographer on this assignment for DNA and gave photographs as required for this photo-feature.
Bombay Nightlife. 
Learnt and experienced so much through this.

Special Thanks to Pooja for giving me this opportunity, Simi for coordinating so well & Gen for being there throughout assisting & adding all things positive to the experience.

This ones to the endless Late Night Cutting-Chais, Taxi/Rickshaw drivers & people I photographed and met while shooting for this assignment.


DNA West Coast Stories (4 published):

DNA Downtown Edition (2 published):

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Precisely Picturesque: Travel Diaries: Bangkok. Faces #2

Bangkok isn't all about the smiling faces, like i've mentioned even before. And seeing the other side which doesn't include smiling makes ones heart melt.
Here we are, at the Damnernsaduak Floating Market of Thailand.

As I sat right at the beginning of our little Boat,  feeling the wind swoosh though my hair and Chang Beer in my hand, beautiful sights unfurled right before us.

So many colors & faces. Happy, convincing, disappointed. 

Went at a time when not much sales happen as it wasn't  peak tourist season, desperation to make even one sale seemed evident.
While some stood on the sides outside their homes, smiling and waving.... the rest tried all the persuasion skills they had within 30 seconds.

Got some great buys (hated bargaining with them).
I'll probably post about them once this series is done.

Hope you enjoy the sights I had the chance to view in person.
Happy viewing.

Trees decorated our path through and through.

The busyness and the colors. Almost like a Painting. Complimenting each other.

Well, Hello There!

Two very distinct expressions, speak volumes.