Thursday, 19 April 2012

Love: Precisely Picturesque

Today's Post Is a Little Different from the usual one's. Why? Because this is Love captured through my Canon. True Love. Some people look at this Card and go all Like 'woooh' some just say 'oh everyone does things like these for people they love' But, in reality there are only a select few who really do something Like this.
This is a Card made by a person who really know's the Meaning of Love, Companionship & Togetherness and cherishes it. And yes, It is a 53mt Long card made by one Person during the duration of 45 Nights!!
Now that I think is the Best a person can do.
Hats off to Mr.Tanay Karnesh who's made this!!
You are The Man!
Makes me cry each time I see it :')
I love it!!
And If you see it you'd fall in Love with it too.
Much Love Viewers!!
Too Much LOVE!!
(The Girl is shy and would Like to stay Anonymous! )

Some of the sketches from the Card :)

That's The Beautiful Card!!!!!!

Looking at his Masterpiece :)

And it's Him!!! :)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Indian Wedding's: Precisely Picturesque!

I recently covered a Wedding and this Photo-Blog contains some of the Photographs I've taken there.
I must say, The bride and the groom were the Cutest I've ever come across.
Here are the Candid Shots from The Wedding.
So here I present to you the Beautiful Bride Janvi & the Handsome Groom Mohan, A match made in Heaven.

P.S.: Sorry for having posted a blog after so long. Been busy with assignments! Stay tuned! Loads of work coming up!