Monday, 18 June 2012

Bombay Rains: Precisely Picturesque.

The Season I love is here. It's the Best of all the Season's!
Why? Because I absolutely love the 'Geelee Mitti ki khushboo'. The beautiful weather and the awesome hot hot pakauda's :)
Coffee. Love. Rain. The Best thing Ever.
Also, I absolutely Love getting drenched in The Beautiful Bombay Rains.

I've written something so here it is:

All she wished was for a walk in the rain
All she wished was for to hold his hand in hers
All she wished was for them to get drenched in the rains together
All she wished was for them to live in that moment forever
All she wished was for him to be hers
All she wished for was that little kiss under the Rainbow
All she wished was for him to hold her when the Lightining struck
All she wished was for them to curl up in a blanket in front of the fireplace as the rain poured throughout the night
All she wished was for them to live like that Always
All she wished was for him to be  Hers
All she wished for was that little kiss under the Rainbow.

P.S.: I hope You like what I've written!
I shall update this blog-post as and when I take more photographs of the Beautiful Monsoon Time in Bombay :)
Happy Monsoon!
Happy Viewing!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Because Babies are Precisely Picturesque#2

Here is a lil something I did for my Nephew Ayaan!
He is extremely adorable and Funny!

And he Loves me with my Camera! :)
So Here he is :)
Happy Viewing!

Our Prince Charming

His Hide out!
Mumma's Boy!


Monday, 11 June 2012

Light Painting: Precisely Picturesque!!

Because I've been meaning to do this for sooo freakin' long! And so here it is! Finally! The Picturesquely Picturesque!! Light Painting Steel Wool Photography :)
Something I couldn't have ever ever done without My Mom :)
I so Love her!
So here they are. My most fun and favorite experiment ever!

Happy Viewing!
Much Much Love!!

Stay Happy. Stay Beautiful! 

SteelWool. Turn up the Light's in here Baby. Extra Bright in here Baby!



The three things a Person needs in Life:

Love. Because that's what keeps people Together.

Peace. Because that's what puts all the hatred to an end.

Happiness. Because that's what makes people look positively at everything in Life.

And Finally!! Me. With My Magic stuff! 

Friday, 8 June 2012

PhotoWalk#2: Precisely Picturesque

Hello Viewers :)
PhotoWalk#2 was an amazing experience. Discovered another place which I hadn't visited in so long! But this time, I looked at it with a different view all together! I began to realize just how Picturesque it was and has been! This PhotoWalk was on the Beach. And yes, to me Beach is a whole new Level of love all together for me! You'll see that through the Photographs!

I visited Aksa Beach,Mumbai, India on the 25th of May along with a few friends who were ready to make me happy by letting me make them do some crazy stuff! Well, the crazy stuff soon turned into crazy fun! So yeah, it took me about 25 minutes in a vehicle from Malad to reach Aksa. We took a long walk on the beach letting the sun tan me till the time I found the exact place I wanted to begin shooting. One of the main reasons why I chose this beach was because it a far less crowded than the usual beaches in Bombay! And so our PhotoWalk began! We all waded through the water's even with tiny little cuts on our feet and even though the Little signboard indicated that it wasn't safe to be anywhere in the waters because Aksa had slippery sand! But the end results were all worth it! Loads of Silhouettes because when its Beach there's got to be silhouettes! Loads of mystical slow shutter speed photographs and tonnes of fun was what made this PhotoWalk successful!
Hope the Photographs make you happy!

You can see more Photo's on my Facebook Profile.
Happy Viewing! :)

Footsteps left behind on the sands of time.

Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved a girl
and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering ~ Nicole Krauss.

Two people in love, alone, isolated from the world, that's beautiful.

Carry me Home Tonight.

That's how I spell LOVE!

Higher than the sun.

Who says that the sky is a limit!
My Dream is to Fly.



Flying to the Sun.

I have Magical Boots. They take me Places.

Serene. My Dream Land.