Monday, 11 June 2012

Light Painting: Precisely Picturesque!!

Because I've been meaning to do this for sooo freakin' long! And so here it is! Finally! The Picturesquely Picturesque!! Light Painting Steel Wool Photography :)
Something I couldn't have ever ever done without My Mom :)
I so Love her!
So here they are. My most fun and favorite experiment ever!

Happy Viewing!
Much Much Love!!

Stay Happy. Stay Beautiful! 

SteelWool. Turn up the Light's in here Baby. Extra Bright in here Baby!



The three things a Person needs in Life:

Love. Because that's what keeps people Together.

Peace. Because that's what puts all the hatred to an end.

Happiness. Because that's what makes people look positively at everything in Life.

And Finally!! Me. With My Magic stuff! 

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