Friday, 28 December 2012

Chandigarh: Happy Birthday to Us!

A very happy Hello to all my Viewers! 
One year back on this date i.e. on the 28th of December 2011 I began my journey as a Photo-blogger. I was clueless about what it was going to be like a year later but I was as determined as I am today to make this a wonderful experience for my viewers. On this date last year began my wonderful journey with blogging. I have come a long long way since. I know my mistakes now and I'm trying to get past them and get better with each passing day and I couldn't have ever done it without the love and support of my ardent followers and viewers! So here's a Photo-Blog about my Lovely Experience in Chandigarh dedicated to my followers and viewers!
Thank You!
And Happy Birthday to US!
And like I always say!
Happy Viewing!

P.S.: I have created my own Photography Page on Facebook. Here's the link to it:

Hello Sun, Hello Moon!
Dadiji! She turned 75 yesterday! :)
The lines on her face don't reflect her age, They reflect the times she's lived and survived through, the memories she's made and the woman she is.
Just the "local" bar we went to...
On our way to the Golden Temple.
The Sun makes everything prettier!
The keepers at the Golden Temple.
The Golden Temple.
On our way to Wagah Border.

The Person#1


The Person#2

Rock Garden.

Rock Garden.

Rock Garden.

Rock Garden.

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