Sunday, 6 May 2012

Photoshop is Art too...: Precisely Picturesque

Photoshop for some people is 'editing' personal photos and enhancing it but for me it's completely different. For me, it's an Art: An insight into how differently I look at things or how I imagine them to be. An art which at first I found difficult but once I looked into myself, I found what I wanted to do Immediately. So here's to all the hard work I've put into making These 'Photo-Manipulations'. This one's to the Late-Nights and Workaholism. To all my struggles at FX School. Because Photoshop is Art too.. I hope you Like them. Feedback appreciated!Happy Viewing My Viewers!!
This one's to my Journey with Photoshop!
Copyright: Shreya Shetty
Photo Manipulation: 1

Because that's 'The picture with a thousand words'. And because it expresses everything that my Blog is all about. Precisely Picturesque!

Photo Manipulation: 2

Because Dog's really are Miracles with Paws! 
If you have one, you'll know!

Photo Manipulation: 3

Because the Hand that rocks the Cradle, rules the World. This one's for all the Ladies! 

Photo Manipulation: 3

This has a Caption saying "Which side would you choose?"

This photo basically depicts the two sides/faces that every Human-Being has to herself or himself.

Photo Manipulation: 4
So here's a little something I've written for this piece: 

~In heaven I learnt how to fly, love god, had fun with angels and fairies, 
learnt how to make them laugh and lived amongst stars and planets...
But Now God has ordered me to go to earth. I questioned him...
I asked him Why??
So to that he said:
"Oh, lovely child of mine...
It's time for you to go.
To go to a place where Love, yes Love grows. 
Where you will feel a mother's touch,
Where you will feel her warmth much...
Where you will hold your Parents fingers and take your first  few steps.,
And where you'll find them right there to hold you if you mis-step...
Where you will learn to Give, share & care,
But if anything ever bothers you close your eyes and I'll be there"~

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